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My Total Rewards Timken Benefits Portal

  • New users can register for online account access
  • Online login credential recovery help is provided
  • Timken benefits contact information is available

Most new employees has enough to fret over (such as schmoozing with all the bosses) without the added anxiety of a complicated benefits registration process.  Fortunately, those who have been welcomed aboard by Timken can cross the process of gaining access to the My Total Rewards Timken Benefits Portal off the long list of new job worries.  Upon arrival at the portal, the account registration can be initiated by simply clicking the Are you a new user? link and entering the last 4 digits of a Social Security Number and a date of birth.  Once both pieces of information have been entered the Continue button can be clicked to proceed with the easy online account registration.  Those who suddenly realize they have already signed up for access to the My Total Rewards Timken Benefits Portal can click the Cancel button to back out of the registration process and return to the login screen where a User ID and account password can be entered to get in (must be a pretty hectic week to forget signing up for something as important as a benefits account!).

A Moment’s Pause to Take a Closer Look at Timken

  • Provides work for over 15,000 employees in 33 different countries (quite a reach!)
  • Origins date back to 1899 when Henry Timken started a bearing and axle company
  • By the 1920’s 80 percent of cars in the U.S. used Timken bearings (industry on lock!)
  • Timken began to significantly expand its international business reach in the 1960’s
  • The DeltaX Initiative was rolled out in 2014 to accelerate product development

Employees who plan on stopping by the My Total Rewards Timken Benefits Portal often may want to check the Remember My User ID box posted under the login fields to speed up the account access process in the future.  The process of recovering a forgotten User ID can be initiated by entering a the last 4 digits of a Social Security Number and a date of birth (hopefully those can at least be remembered!).  Those with questions about the portal (or benefits in general for that matter) can try reaching out to the Timken Benefits Department by phone or through email correspondence.

Timken Benefits Department Contact Information

  • benefits@timken.com
  • 877-899-6481