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My UV Redeem

  • Redeem UltraViolet digital copy by entering redemption code
  • Enter redemption code at designated redemption webpage
  • Link provided on redemption webpage for users that cannot find their redemption codes
  • Informative links provided for more information about UltraViolet

Ultra Violet is making it easy for customers to add their new motion pictures or television programs to their UltraViolet Libraries through a designated redemption webpage.  The designated redemption webpage will allow customers to redeem their new motion pictures or television programs by entering the redemption code online.

Customers that want to get their hands on their UltaViolet digital copies need to jump on their computers and then race over to the designated redemption page.  The first thing customers will notice after arriving at the redemption page is a large field where the redemption code can be entered.  Customers having a hard time finding their redemption code should stay calm and look for a link located beneath the redemption code field called the Where can I find my redemption code? link.  When this link is clicked customers will be advised that their redemption codes can be located on either the sticker or the insert that was included with their Blu-Ray or DVD.  After finding the redemption code customers will need to go ahead and enter it into the large field at the center of the redemption page.  Diligent customers may want top double check to make sure they entered the correct redemption code before clicking the Enter button that can be found on the right side of the redemption field.

For more information about UltraViolet, customers can click on the informative links provided at the top of the redemption page.  These links provide valuable information for customers looking to collect, watch, or share their UltraViolet copies.


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