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My Workday Service Master Employee Portal:  Logging In

  • Employees need a username and password to enter
  • The portal provides password recovery assistance
  • Service Master contact information is available

When it comes to handling the long workday, it’s always nice to have online support.  For instance, employees of Service Master can use the Workday portal to make certain aspects of the job a bit easier (similar to how employees can use the My Workday Bass Pro portal).  Those who need access to the portal can begin by going to the login screen and entering a username and password.  Once both pieces of information are entered the Sign In button can be clicked to proceed into the portal.  By the way, status of when the portal will be unavailable for monthly maintenance is posted at the right hand side of the page (avoid the annoyance of attempting to login only to see you’re shutout for a few more hours!).

My Workday Service Master Portal Password Recovery

  • First, it may be a good idea to think really hard for a minute or two before resetting
  • Employees who can’t recall a password can enter a username and email to begin
  • Users can change a password by entering a username, old password, and new password
  • Those who suddenly recall a password can click the Back to Sign In link to cancel

In addition to the maintenance status, the My Workday Service Master portal also includes a copy of its Privacy Policy.  Employees who wish to read through it can do so by clicking the link located below the status update.

Service Master was founded in 1969 as a moth-proofing company.  Since then, the company has grown to offer a variety of different services such as pest control, disaster recovery, and home inspections (just to name a few).  Additionally, the company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol SERV and has headquarters located in Memphis, TN.

Service Master Global Service Center Address

  • 150 Peabody Place Memphis, TN 38103


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