www.myworkday.com/wasteconnections – Employee Login Workday

My Workday Waste Connections

  • Three different login categories are available
  • Support is available by phone or via email
  • Waste Connections contact info is available

The typical employee login page or self-help portal only offers one type of category under which the system can be accessed.  Based on the THREE different login categories available, it’s safe to say the My Workday Waste Connections portal is farm from typical.  Upon arrival at the portal, the user will first need to determine whether to login in as an employee with a company email address, as an employee without a company email address, or a Northwest Container & Rock River employee.  Employees without a company email address and/or a Northwest Container & Rock River employees can complete the login process by simply clicking the desired category and entering a username and password.  However, employees WITH a company email address will be redirected to the Waste Connections single sign on site where a domain and password can be entered to login.  Employees who are having trouble logging into the My Workday Waste Connections portal may want to take a few minutes to review the instructions posted off to the right hand side of the screen.

Waste Connections:  A Look Under the Hood

  • Operates primarily in exclusive and secondary markets within the U.S. and Canada
  • Offers collection programs that are tailored by customers (schedule those pick ups!)
  • Collection equipment run by the company is radio dispatched (a great use of tech)
  • Provides intermodal services for the movement of cargo in the Pacific Northwest
  • Boasts a customer base than reaches into the MILLIONS (that’s a lot of experience)

Employees without a company email address and/or a Northwest Container & Rock River employees who need to change a My Workday Waste Connections portal account password can do so by clicking the Change Password link and entering a username, old password, and new password.  The process for recovering a lost password can be initiated by clicking the Forgot Password link and entering a username.  Those who are still struggling to enter an account after reading the instructions and/or attempting a password recovery can call or email for support at 855-929-6236 (United States), 877-772-2500 (Canada), or helpdesk@wcnx.org.

Waste Connections Contact Information

  • 3 Waterway Square Pl. The Woodlands, TX 77380
  • customerservice1010@wcnx.org
  • 832-442-2200