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My XR Card

  • Login can be completed for online account access
  • Online Frequently Asked Questions list is provided
  • Card activation is available online or over the phone

Something as important as a card holding the funds received from a tax return is deserving of easy online access (as in 1,2,3 EASY!).  Fortunately, Xpress Refund customers will receive exactly that with the comprehensive card management system found at the My XR Card page.  Upon arrival at the page three available actions are available:  XR Card activation, XR Card account management, and tax refund status.  Those who still need to activate the card can begin the process of doing so by clicking the Activate Your XR Card button.  The Your XR Card Account can be clicked before entering a User ID or card number along with a password or PIN to gain online access to an account.  The status of a refund can be checked by clicking the Your Tax Refund button to receive information on how to reach out to the IRS (not quite a direct answer but being pointed in the right direction doesn’t hurt!) .  It should be pointed out that the Back to the Top button can be clicked at anytime to return to the top of the page (although a simple scroll of the mouse may be just as easy).

Thanks!  What else should I know about my XR Card?

  • Cards will be registered once the IRS has processed the return (seems logical)
  • Be on the lookout for a notification text message regarding the card registration
  • The card can be used to pay bills in person, over the phone, and even online
  • As far as usage goes the card will be good ANYWHERE MasterCard is accepted
  • Additional cards can be ordered online or by phone (both ways are very easy)

Those with questions can click the FAQ link posted at the top of the My XR Card page to review the answers to many commonly asked questions about the card.  Cardholders who have yet to sign up for online account access can begin by entering a card number before clicking the Register button.  In the event access is unavailable to a forgotten password the process of recovering the account can be initiated by entering a username along with the email address used to register.  Those who would rather skip the computer (every set of eyes could use a break from the screen every once in a while) can activate the card over the phone by calling 844-699-7227.

XR Card Customer Service Phone Number

  • 800-416-6373