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Online Access to a NatWest ClearSpend Account

  • An email address can be used to login to an account
  • New customers can complete account registration
  • NatWest support can be contacted with questions

Many businesses likely dream of a tool that helps control spending at the push of a button.  For businesses that bank with NatWest, it appears that dream has become a reality.  The NatWest ClearSpend application is now up and running and can be used by businesses to take REAL TIME control of account activity such as spending, payments, and balances.  As far as getting into an account goes, the process can be completed by entering an email address along with a password before clicking the Login button.  Those who can’t seem to recall the account password can click the Forgot password? link located beneath the login fields to begin the reset process (an email address must be entered in order to proceed with the recovery).

Why should I sign up for a NatWest ClearSpend?

  • It’s a UK banking industry first (better to be an early adopter than a laggard)
  • Features easy to read graphs to help better understand spending paterns
  • Allows employees to send requests to change restrictions placed on a card
  • Businesses can turn cards “on” or “off” at anytime (nice to have CONTROL)

Those who have yet to register for access to a NatWest ClearSpend account can begin by filling out a brief online form with a name, email address, company credit limit, and 16 digit company account number.  It should be pointed out that the company account number is the number shown on the statement, NOT the one printed on the card.

A Few More Conveniences Offered by NatWest ClearSpend

  • Credit limits can be adjusted as seen fit (daily, monthly, or even per transaction)
  • Categories of merchants can be blocked if needed (reduce frivolous spending!)
  • Notice of any changes made to a card account can be emailed to the cardholder

In addition to regular web-based access, the ClearSpend app can also be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play (always nice to have on-the-go access!).  Questions about the app can be addressed by reaching out to the NatWest Commercial Card Helpline at 0370 0101 152.  Additionally, new customers can dial 0800 073 2256 between the hours of 9 AM and 5:30 PM Monday through Friday for assistance with an account.

NatWest Head Office Address

  • 135 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3UR


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