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The thrill of logging into an online account can be greatly diminished after seeing a message stating the login attempt has fallen flat on its face.  Fortunately, many online accounts now have a self-help recovery process allowing users to regain access as soon as possible.  Those who find themselves locked out of the New York Life VSC portal can begin by first, remaining calm, and second clicking the Can’t access your account? link located beneath the login fields.  After clicking the link the account recovery process can be initiated by entering a policy number, last name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of the account holder’s Social Security Number before clicking the Next button to proceed.  The Cancel button can be clicked at anytime to back of the account recovery process and return to the login screen where a username and password can be entered to sign in.  Those who plan on popping into the New York Life VSC portal often may want to consider checking the Remember My Username box before logging in to gain access all that much faster in the future.

Inside the Numbers at New York Life 

  • The company has increased its dividend pay out by a whopping 36% since 2012
  • As of 2017 New York Life had a $993 BILLION of individual life insurance in force
  • Its agents were responsible for $1.7 million in donations in 2019 (good looking out!)
  • Bonds and mortgage loans are the majority of the company’s investment portfolio
  • Exceeded 1 billion in insurance sales each of the past 5 years (keep up to good work!)

Customers who have yet to register for access to the New York Life VSC portal can begin by clicking the Get Started and Register link and entering a policy number, last name, date of birth, last 4 digits of the account holder’s Social Security Number, and an email address (same as when trying to regain access to an account with the exception of the added email address).  More information about New York Life can be reviewed by clicking the links posted at the top of the portal (Insure, Invest, Retire, Learn).  General questions regarding a New York Life account can be addressed by contacting the company’s service center between the hours 8:30 AM EST and 5:30 PM EST Monday through Friday.

New York Life Contact Information

  • PO Box 9859, Providence, RI 02940
  • Phone – 800-762-6212
  • Fax – 508-599-6109