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NTB Customer First Survey

  • Get that invoice ready!  You’ll need it to launch the survey
  • You can provide feedback in both English and Spanish
  • Can’t find the info need to start the survey?  Check out the sample image
  • The survey’s terms are also available at www.ntbcustomerfirst.com

When’s the last time you had a chance to tell your favorite tire store how you truly feel?  It’s probably been a while (if ever).  Well, all that’s about to change thanks to the NTB Customer First Survey (assuming NTB is your favorite tire store!).  In order to begin the feedback, you’ll first need to grab your service invoice and find a live internet connection.

How to Begin the NTB Customer First Survey

First, you’ll need to enter the location number as shown on your invoice.

Next, go ahead and punch in the order number (like all random invoice numbers, it’s probably gonna be LONG).

Finally, enter the date and time of your service (should be easy to spot these).

Once you’ve entered all of the invoice information hit the Start button to launch he survey.

By the way, there’s a handy little sample image that mimics a copy of your invoice at www.ntbcustomerfirst.com.  This is incredibly handy for those who can’t seem to find the required information (tracking down the location and order number can be tricky).  For instance, all the info you need is highlighted in red, making it virtually impossible to miss.

Finally, you can click the Terms of Service link to learn about the (you guessed it) terms of the survey.  In addition to the terms, the survey also provides a copy of it’s Privacy Policy (neither are exciting as providing feedback, but they’re always worth taking a glance at).

Questions for NTB??

Call customer service at 800-741-7261.


Get in touch with the corporate offices!

Here ya go:

NTB Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 798 Rivergate Parkway
  • Goodlettsville, TN 37072
  • 615-851-6111


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