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Nutrisystem Free Week Limited Time Offer

  • Existing customers can login to access an account
  • Money back guarantee is included with the offer
  • Support is available via FAQ, phone, and email

Nutrisystem has made a name for itself by providing a weight loss system that allows its participants to scarf down a variety of foods that are nutritious and actually taste good at the same time.  That’s probably why many dieters will be happy to hear they can now receive a full week’s worth of those delicious meals FOR FREE.  Those who wouldn’t mind stashing away some free food for a rainy day (or even for a day that’s beaming with sunshine) can begin by going to Nutrisystem Free Week page and clicking the Order Now button to take advantage of the fantastic limited time offer.  Before proceeding to the payment screen it will be necessary to choose a plan and enter an email address to receive order confirmation and updates.  Those who already have an account can sign in before ordering by clicking the Login button posted at the top of the Nutrisystem Free Week page (the option to login during the ordering process will also be presented).

I do like free stuff…but why Nutrisystem?

  • Customers can received UNLIMITED access to dietitians and counselors
  • Free shipping is available (hard to beat free food AND free shipping)
  • Online tracking tools and apps are provided (make the system work!)
  • A free diet analysis can be reviewed prior to even beginning an order
  • Specific plans are available for those with diabetes and for vegetarians
  • Avoid buyers remorse with a nerve-calming money back guarantee

The free week of food included in the offer comes with breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND snack for a total of 24 extra meals.  Those who aren’t satisfied with the purchase (hard not to be satisfied when eating free food) can send the remaining food back for a full refund less shipping costs.  The complete details of the money back guarantee can be reviewed by clicking the Details link posted at the top right hand side of the Nutrisystem Free Week page.  The FAQ link can be clicked by those with questions about Nutrisystem.  Those who strike out with the Frequently Asked Questions can always seek support over the phone or through email correspondence.

Nutrisystem Contact Information

  • customerorders@nutrisystem.com
  • 800-585-5483