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Ovation TV Activate

  • Activation code is needed to begin
  • FAQs are provided for user support
  • Ovation TV contact info is available

Any channel that wants to remain relevant in the ever-changing technological era may want to offer viewers a way to stream its content online.  Ovation is answering this market demand by providing a user-friendly device activation process at the Ovation TV Activate page.  The process of getting geared up for a nice little stream-sesh can be initiated by first selecting the type of device that needs to be activated (Apple TV or Roku).  Once the device has been selected it’s time to choose a TV provider from the extensive drop down list that begins with Adams Cable Service and ends with Zito Media.  After both the device and provider have been confirmed the activation code can be entered before clicking the Continue button to proceed with the account verification process.  Those who are already starting to plan out what they will binge on once the device has been activated may want to try clicking the Programming tab at the top of the page for a list of available shows.

Hard-Hitting Shows Offered by Ovation

  • X-Company – A captivating program that captures the intensity of WWI espionage
  • The Tudors – Take a peak at King Henry VIII’s rise to power (for true drama lovers)
  • The Art Of – Focuses on subjects that are sure to make the view ask “that’s art??”
  • The Artful Detective – A world renown series that is currently on its 11th season
  • The Halcyon – Step inside one of WWII London’s most glamorous 5 star hotels

Viewers with questions regarding Ovation Now can try finding the answers they need by clicking the Ovation NOW Support link to view the available FAQs (so extensive that one might come away with WAY more information than is actually needed).  Ovation can be followed on social media by clicking the icons posted at the bottom of the Ovation TV Activate page (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).  Those with general inquiries can try reaching out to Ovation by phone or through mail correspondence.

Ovation Contact Information

  • 12910 Culver Blvd Suite J, Los Angeles, CA 90066
  • 310-430-7575