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Make Your Play for the Iron Throne!  Here’s How.

  • Participants can sign up by completing a brief online entry form
  • The sweepstakes provides an online copy of its Official Rules
  • Participants can download the AT&T Thanks app at entry

The final season of the fan favorite Game Of Thrones is now upon us.  Therefore, it’s only natural to see an onslaught of promotions related to the show.  For example, AT&T has recently released the “Own the Throne Sweepstakes”.  In order to sign up, participants must go to the online entry page and register with a name, email address, and phone number.  Once registered, the participant will receive 1 entry into a drawing for a chance to win a replica Iron Throne valued at a whopping $18,000 (talk about a dinner party conversation starter!).

Additional Details on the Own the Throne Sweepstakes

  • Only for customers of AT&T (postpaid,internet, and U-verse) and DIRECT TV
  • For some reason DIRECT TV Now customers are excluded from participation
  • Participants may only enter 1 time throughout the entire entry period
  • The entry period begins on April 1st, 2019 and closes on May 7th, 2019
  • In addition to the replica throne, the prize comes with a check for $5,400
  • Has a similar overall prize value as the Good Messy Ribs Sweepstakes

While on the topic of the prize, it should be pointed out that the drawing to decide who receives it will take place around May 8th, 2019.  Additionally, the winner will receive notice via phone call.  However, the sweepstakes WILL NOT leave voices messages so it’s a good idea to start consistently answering the phone around May 8th.  More details about the prize are available within the Official Rules of the sweepstakes (click the link below the entry form to view them).

By the way, participants can also enter the sweepstakes using the AT&T Thanks app.  Those who wish to enter this way can download the app directly from the online entry page.  In order to do so, the participant must click either the one of the available download icons.

Own the Throne Sweepstakes Sponsor

  • AT&T – 1025 Lenox Park Blvd., NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30319

Online Entry


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