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Pandora Listens

  • Information from a receipt is needed to begin
  • Survey is available in both English and Spanish
  • Pandora contact information is available

Any jeweler that wants to remain an industry powerhouse should be prepared to keep at least one finger planted on the pulse of its customer base at all times (or at the very least a thumb).  Perhaps that is why Pandora is offering the online guest satisfaction survey found at the Pandora Listens page.  Customers who want to share a few thoughts regarding a recent store experience can begin by entering the 18 digit code and time of visit as shown on the store receipt.  Once both pieces of information have been entered the Start button can be clicked to move towards the question and answer portion of the survey.  Those who are having a hard time finding the information needed to begin can take a look at the sample image of a store receipt posted at the right hand side of the Pandora Listens page (the information is even numbered and outlined in a brilliant red that is sure to be pleasing to the eye).

Valentine’s Day Ideas Available at Pandora

  • Moments Gold Clasp Bracelet – A stunning piece of jewelry made from 14k yellow gold
  • Heart of Winter Necklace – A sparkling pendant necklace made of elegant Sterling Silver
  • Two Hearts Spacer – The two heart design says it all (and very affordable at only $40.00!)
  • Light as a Feather Earrings – Feather shaped silver earrings that are sure to be noticed
  • Floating Locket Heart Key Necklace – The classic heart and key design speaks volumes

Those who would rather take the survey in Spanish instead of English can do so by clicking the Español link posted at the bottom of the Pandora Listens page.  Once the survey has been completed a validation code which can be used to redeem the offer shown on the invitation will be received (a good deed deserves a nice little reward from time to time!).  Those with inquiries for Pandora can contact the store’s customer service department from 9 AM to 6 PM EST Monday through Saturday.

Pandora Customer Service Contact Information

  • usconsumer@pandora.net
  • 855-922-2600