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Paving for Pizza

  • An online form can be completed to nominate a town
  • Towns that have already benefited can be reviewed
  • Special offer for Domino’s pizza can be ordered

Any pothole or other road nuisance can cause BIG TIME problems for an unsuspecting pizza sitting upon the passenger seat of a car that’s trying to navigate the rough terrain.  Fortunately, Domino’s is now doing its part to decrease the likelihood of such an event from happening with its new “Paving for Pizza” promotion.  Those who wouldn’t mind having Domino’s help their town fix roads that are a bit starved for attention can begin by going to the promotion’s home page and clicking the Nominate Your Town button.  After clicking the button it will be necessary to enter a zip code (always helpful to know which town it is!) before entering an email address to continue with the Paving for Pizza nomination.  Towns that ends up being selected will receive Domino’s help in funding the much-needed road repairs (sounds like a WIN-WIN-WIN for Domino’s, the selected town, and the town’s residents!).

All this talk about road repairs is making me hungry!  What’s on the Domino’s menu?

  • Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza – Hard to pass on a pizza with BBQ sauce and chicken on it
  • Pacific Veggie Pizza – Vegetarians and carnivores alike should enjoy this tasty combo
  • Philly Cheese Steak Pizza – A savory pizza pie that has no trouble living up to its name
  • Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza – Sometimes the regular amount of pepperoni doesn’t cut it
  • Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza – Lives up to a pizza named after a state known for CHEESE

Those who wouldn’t mind checking out some of the fabulous work that has been done on the roads of towns across the country can do so by clicking the Explore button posted next to each of the towns (Athens, GA, Burbank, CA, Milford, DE, and Bartonville, TX).  Those who are feeling a bit hungry after completing a Paving for Pizza nomination stick around and scroll to the bottom of the promotion’s homepage and click the Order Now button to take advantage of the current offer from Domino’s.  Corporate-related questions for the pizza chain can be directed to the Domino’s World Resource Center in Ann Arbor, MI.

Domino’s World Resource Center Contact Information

  • 30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr., Ann Arbor MI 48106-0997
  • 734-930-3030