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  • Existing users can login with username and password
  • New users can register for online account access
  • Over the phone customer service is available

When it comes to gaining access to an online account most would agree that the simpler the process is the better.  Those who require access to the Payment-Card portal likely have a hard time finding a word other than “simple” to describe the process of gaining online access to an account.  The entire procedure can be complete in just a few seconds by entering username and account password into the available entry fields before clicking the Login button to proceed into the account (“straightforward” may be another great adjective to describe the process!).  Those who have yet to sign up for online account access can begin by clicking the Need a login? link before entering a card number and clicking the Continue button to begin the process of establishing a username and password.  Those who can’t remember a username or password can begin the account recovery process by clicking the Forgot your login? link posted below the sign in fields at the Payment-Card page.

A Closer Look at Prepaid-Technologies

  • Founded by a group of banking industry veterans in Birmingham, Alabama in 1998
  • Offers FDIC insured Visa and MasterCard programs (2 major players of the industry)
  • The programs offered meet Regulation E as well as all other applicable regulations
  • Partners include Visa, MasterCard, Arroweye, Allpoint, FIS, and Center State Bank
  • Products include gift cards, travel cards, payroll cards, and specialty payments

After clicking the Forgot your login? link a card number must be entered before clicking the Continue button to proceed with the login credential recovery process.  Those who need to find a nearby ATM can go ahead and click the ATM Locator link posted at the top left hand side of the Payment-Card page to bring up a Global ATM Locator map (just enter a keyword and start searching!).  Those with customer service inquires can get the help they need by calling 888-621-1397.  Card payments, disputed transactions, and general inquires can be sent to the Cardholder Services PO Box in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Cardholder Services Address

  • PO Box 551209, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33355