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How do I access Payments Hub Registration?

  • Users must register an email address and password
  • Both owners and sales partners can gain account access
  • New users can register for an online account

Any online portal that prides itself on ease of use should make sure the process of getting into the thing in the first place is just as simple as its features.  To put it briefly, Payments Hub lives up to this standard.  For instance, users who require account access can take advantage of the portal’s a streamlined registration process.  Rather than jumping through a bunch of hoops, new users are only required to fill out a brief online form with a name, email address, password, and Merchant ID or Account Number.  Once all pieces of information are entered the Submit button can be clicked to wrap up the process.

A Look at Payments Hub Insights

  • The unique software tool is powered by Womply (an incredibly fast growing company)
  • Businesses can use it to understand revenue streams (such as new vs repeat customers)
  • Insights helps maintain a business’s reputation across social media platforms (HUGE)
  • The software provides information about competitors and local market activity

Once the new user successfully completes the Payments Hub registration process they need only an email address and account password to login (no pesky PINs or other random requirements).  After entering both login credentials, the user can then click Sign In button to gain account access (as easy as it gets).  In addition to the easy login, Payments Hub also offers a straight forward password recovery process.  For instance, users who need to recover a password can simply enter their registered email address to begin the reset.

It should be noted that users will first need to confirm if they are a business owner or a sales partner before logging into an account.  The process of gaining access is the same for both owners and sales partners with the exception that sales partners may use their social media credentials to access Payments Hub.  Once the user selects the desired account they can go ahead and complete the login.

Payments Hub Contact Information

  • support@paymentshub.com
  • 877-464-4218


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