www.paymydoc.net – Enter Account Number to Pay Doctor Bill

Pay My Doc

  • An account number can be entered to begin
  • Sample image of account number is provided
  • Clinic Service contact information is available

When it comes to making an online payment, sometimes the hardest part of the entire process is finding the account number the bill is associated with.  Thankfully, those who need to pay a bill at Clinic Service’s Pay My Doc portal shouldn’t have to worry about this potential problem.  Upon arrival at the portal users should notice a What is this? link posted over the field where an account number can be entered.  After clicking the link, an image will appear that shows EXACTLY how the account number will look as shown on a sample bill (it’s even circled in red to rule out any possible confusion!).  Once the account number has been located it can be entered along with the last name of the patient before clicking the Search Account button to find the account and proceed with the online payment process.

An Information Round-Up on Clinic Service

  • Founded in 1974 with a mission to maximize profits for physicians and practices
  • Staff members at Clinic Service go through at least 40 hours of training each year
  • Based out of Denver, Colorado but provides services nationally as well as locally
  • Rolled out “speed claim” in 1981 achieving a 5 day turn around on some claims
  • In 2010 an EMR solution called C-Suite was launched (designed by docs for docs)
  • Services include Medical Billing, Medical Consulting, and Practice Management

Patients who are having problems with the Pay My Doc portal can try reaching out to the Clinic Service corporate office for assistance between the hours of 7 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday (10 hours of availability a day – not too shabby!).  Providers who are interested in the services provided from Clinic Service can get a FREE quote by calling 720-248-3444 or by sending an email to info@clinicservice.com.

Clinic Service Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 3464 South Willow St., Denver, CO 80231
  • 303-755-2900