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  • 2 different payment options are available
  • New users can enroll for an online account
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided

When it comes to making an online payment it’s always nice to have options (as with just about pretty much everything).  Fortunately, options are exactly what Orange Lake Resorts customers will get when attempting to pay a bill at the Pay OLCC portal.  Those who have yet to register for an online account and prefer to get the job done as quickly as possible (kinda like pulling off a band-aid) should go ahead and click the Pay Now option posted at the top of the portal and enter an account number and PIN to initiate the online payment.  Customers who have already enrolled for an account can sign in before making a payment (and maybe check out some other account related activities while they’re at it) by entering an email address and password before clicking the Login button.  Those who have forgotten a Pay OLCC account password and/or which email address they use to login can try clicking one or both of the links posted under the login fields to begin the recovery process.

Thanks for the info!  Anything else I need to know?

  • The account number and PIN can be found at the top of the billing statement
  • All “big four” credit cards are accepted (Visa, Discover, Amex, and MasterCard)
  • Online payments received before 5 PM will be posted on the next business day
  • Online payments can be canceled if they are “pending” (just login and eliminate!)
  • Bank accounts (checking or savings) CAN be used to make an online payment

More information on the online payment process can be reviewed by clicking the FAQ link posted at the bottom of the Pay OLCC portal.  Online access to the portal can be initiated by clicking the Enroll button and entering an account number and PIN (again, just glance at the top of the billing statement to find this information).  Those in need of assistance can try reaching out to the Orange Lake Resorts capital management department by phone at 800-298-3706 or through email correspondence to capitalmanagement@orangelake.com.

Orange Lake Resorts Address

  • 8505 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, FL 34747-8201