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Pepsi Pick Six

  • Entry available via online form
  • Total of 20 prizes are available
  • Winners List can be requested

Sweepstakes and Instant Win Games are both exciting promotional formats.  However, only one can deliver to participants what is often craved the most:  INSTANT GRATIFICATION. Those who aren’t a fan of having to wait for days or even months to find out if they have won a prize may be interested in playing the Pepsi Pick Six Instant Win Game.  In order to begin it will first be necessary to sign up for the game by going to the registration page and filling out an online form with a date of birth, state, and email address.  Once the form has been completed participants must check a box to confirm the Terms & Conditions of the promotion are agreed to.  Those who rightly conclude that it is a good idea to know what exactly is being agreed to can click the Terms & Conditions link to complete a full review. Likewise, the Official Rules link can be clicked by those who want to make sure they remain in compliance with any rules associated with the promotion.

More on the Pepsi Pick Six Instant Win Game

  • The excitement begins September 1st, 2017 and comes to an end on January 11th, 2018
  • Open to legal residents select states (NE, CO, SD, WY, NM) who are at least 18 (19 in NE)
  • The flagship prize is a trip to see the Pro Bowl live in Orlando, FL on January 28th, 2018
  • In addition to the trip there will be 19 other prizes with a total value of $950 ($50 each)

After completing the entry form and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions the Enter Now button can be clicked to complete registration for the Pepsi Pick Six Instant Win Game. Those who want to get their hands on a list of all the prize winners can send a request to PO Box 48266, Spokane, WA 99228 (post-marked by March 1st, 2018).  Entry to the promotion can also be completed on a mobile device by using a Snap Chat code.


  • Pepsi Beverages Company – 4610 S. Ulster Street, Suite 200, Denver, Colorado 80237