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Philips My One Blade Order Center

  • You can make a single order or a recurring order
  • Create a replacement plan for a sweet discount
  • Shave better!  Cool videos are posted with tips and tricks
  • Hop online and go to www.philips.com/myoneblade to begin

If you’re unhappy with your current shaving service (or just tired of buying those cheap little disposal razors), Philips may have an answer.  Enter the Philips One Blade.  You can see what it’s all about by going to the Philips My One Blade online order center and browsing the videos and product information.  Once you’re ready to order, simply select the single or recurring option to proceed.

Before you order your Philips One Blade…….

You’ll get a DEEP discount of 20% if you go with the recurring option

Delivery fees peer blades decrease the more you order (single order option)

You can get an idea of how much you need by selecting a shave frequency

Sign up for updates to get $10 off your next replacement blade 2 pack

By the way, you may be thinking to yourself “how on earth will I know when I need a replacement??”.  With the Philips One Blade, the answer is EASY.  Simply take a peak at your blade and, if you see green, you’re gonna need to order more (the blade comes equipped with a fancy blade wear indicator).

Just in case you use your razor for tasks that aren’t facial shaving…..

Consider getting the face plus body kit (one for the face one for the body)

You can score the face plus body kit for about 30 bucks

The blades fit on all One Blade handles and last about 4 months

You’ll even get a cool body comb (talk about taking grooming to the next level!)

Need help?  Call Philips Customer Care

  • 800-243-3050
  • Open Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 9 PM ET
  • Open Sundays from 9 AM to 6 PM ET

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