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Pop TV Activate Online Streaming

Want more Pop TV in you life?

Tired of watching the same old, same old?

Well there’s some good news!  Pop TV is now offering easy on the go online streaming.

In order to get started, just visit www.poptv.com/activate and enter the activation code shown on your screen.

Once you get all situated, you’ll need to shift gears and start thinking about what you actually want to watch.  Fortunately, there’s PLENTY of great programs to choose from.  So, let’s take a closer look!

What to Watching After You’re Finished at www.poptv.com/activate

  • Flack – Follow PR extraordinaire Robyn as she navigates her complicated life
  • One Day at a Time – Above all things, just get be prepared to LAUGH!
  • Grumpier Old Men – Yep, Pop TV also offers some awesome movies
  • Hunger Games – Have you seen this smash hit that took the world by storm?
  • Bridget Jones’ Baby – A sequel to that popular Bridget Jones Diary movie

By the way, if you’re thinking about switching providers, you may want to find out which ones carry Pop TV before you do so.  Luckily, you can do this directly from the activation page.  See that big Enter Zip Code tab?  Yep, type your zip code in there.  Once you type it in a list of providers in your area that carry Pop TV will appear.

Social Media Links at www.poptv.com/activate

Facebook – Check out Pop TVs Facebook page to get a better look at what the channel’s all about.

Twitter – Because you never know what exciting news POP TV is gonna tweet out next!

Instagram – What better way to show your support that by following on INSTA.

YouTube – Because the best way to learn about something is sometimes through video interaction.

So what will YOU decide to watch one you activate Pop TV??  So many choices, so little time!


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