www.portal.redlobster.com – Login Red Lobster Employee Portal

Portal Red Lobster

  • Organizational account and password are needed
  • Login credential recovery assistance is provided
  • Red Lobster headquarters contact info available

Online access for Red Lobster team members can now be gained through use of the Portal Red Lobster page.  The fairly simple login process can be initiated upon arrival at the portal by entering organizational account login information (User ID and password).  Once the login information has been entered the Sign In button can be clicked to proceed with account access.  Team members who can’t seem to recall a password can click the Restaurant Password Reset button and enter a User ID to begin the account recovery process..  It should be noted that the password reset process requires security questions to be set.  Team members who have not set up their security questions will need to do so by clicking the link posted underneath the login fields at the Portal Red Lobster page.  Those who can’t even remember a User ID will need to complete a form that requires a first name initial, last name initial, date of birth, restaurant number, and POS ID.

Red Lobster Menu Items to Hard to Pass Up

  • Ultimate Feast – Lobster, crab, and 2 types of shrimp.  Whats not to like?
  • Live Main Lobster – The very definition of fresh.  Might as well order 2!!!
  • Lobster Shrimp Linguine – Pasta with juicy morsels of shrimp and lobster
  • Salmon New Orleans – Fresh Atlantic Salmon smothered in savory shrimp
  • Wild Caught Flounder – Order it oven broiled, golden fried, or baked

Restaurant managers, RSC employees, and RSC contractors will need to click different link than restaurant team members to complete the password reset process (links located directly above the team member reset links at the Portal Red Lobster page).  Employees or former employees of Red Lobster with questions about pay or benefits can seek assistance by calling the toll-free number and following the prompts to be connected to the right department.

Red Lobster Employee Pay or Benefits Phone Number

  • 800-762-5637