www.postoffice.co.uk/card-servicing – Enter Post Office Money Card

Take Advantage of Post Office Card-Servicing 

  • New customers can complete online registration
  • Existing customers can login with a username
  • Mobile apps are available to be downloaded

Easy online access is a must for something as consequential as a credit card account.  Thankfully, Post Office Money Credit Card delivers this to its customers through the user-friendly Post Office Card-Servicing page.  Upon arrival at the page the registration process can be initiated by first clicking the Register Now link before entering a card number, name (enter it EXACTLY as it appears on the card!), expiry date, date of birth, and mother’s maiden name to verify the account details.  Once all of the required verification information has been entered the Verify Account button can be clicked to proceed with the registration process.  After the account has been successfully registered it can be entered by typing in a username and password before clicking the Login button (obviously existing users can skip the registration process and go directly to the account login).  Those who have forgotten a password can click the Reset Now link posted at the Post Office Card-Servicing page to begin the online account recovery process.

Why should I register for a Post-Office card-servicing?

  • Allows tasks such as checking a balance or reviewing transactions to be done online
  • The date a payment is due can be checked (VERY important to know what this date is)
  • The process of requesting a balance transfer can be done conveniently online (NICE!)
  • Payments can be made and direct account debits can be arranged (HUGE time savers)
  • The amount of an available line of credit can be viewed (something to keep in mind)

Those who wish to take convenience to a whole new level can try downloading the Post Office Money Credit Card mobile app by clicking one of the icons posted at the Post Office Card-Servicing page (available on Google Play and at the App Store).  Many questions about the card can be addressed by reviewing the information found under the Help & Support tab posted at the top of the page (choose between reviewing all FAQs or just the popular ones).  Lost or stolen Post Office Money Credit Cards can be reported 24 hours a day by calling 0800 169 2646.

Post Office Phone Numbers

  • Customer Service – 0345 607 6500
  • Applications – 0800 169 2000