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How to Make a PRC Online Payment

  • Account number from the notice must be entered
  • Audio instructions on how to begin are provided
  • Profession Recovery Consultants can be contacted

When it finally comes time to settle up on a past due debt sometimes the best way to go about it is the tried and true “band-aid method” (the faster it’s done the less painful the experience).  With that being said, those who need to take care of a debt being collected by Profession Recovery Consultants won’t have to worry about a long and drawn out payment process.  An easy online payment can be initiated by going to the PRC Online Payment system and entering the account number shown on the notice along with a zip code to login and bring up the outstanding debt.  Once logged into the system an easy online payment can be processed (cross it off the things to do list!).  Those who could use some audio instructions on how to use the PRC Online Payment system can click the Press to Hear Me Talk button (a professional looking animated lady calmly delivers the instructions).

Profession Recovery Consultants, Inc. in the Community 

  • Each year the company chooses a new charity to offer support (BRAVO!)
  • In 2014 the company adopted the The St. Baldrick’s Foundation charity
  • PRC has been a proud supporter of the Shriner’s Circus in Raleigh, NC
  • Has supported the UNC Educational Foundation for more than 30 years
  • PRC is currently throwing support behind the Durham Rescue Mission

Those who prefer not to hear the voice of the animated character can click the Mute button posted at the PRC Online Payment system to turn off the audio instructions (sometimes a little peace and quiet is called for).  Questions about resolving a debt can be addressed over the phone by calling 800-991-5265.  PRC clients with questions for the company can seek assistance by dialing 800-868-7724.  General inquiries for the PRC can be sent to the company’s offices in Durham, NC.

Profession Recovery Consultants, Inc Address

  • 2700 Meridian Parkway, Suite 200
  • Durham, NC 27713