www.prepaid.citi.com/xfinity – Access & Manage Prepaid Account

Prepaid Citi Xfinity

  • First time card user card registration available
  • Password and username recovery help available

Prepaid Citi Xfinity cardholders looking to gain access to their accounts can do so online through the designated account management page.  After arriving at the account management page cardholders will be able to login by entering their username and password in the provided login fields.  Users that have yet to register their card can do so by clicking on the Register your card now link.  Once the link is clicked users will be directed to a page where a card number (16 digit number found on the front of the prepaid card) and security code (found on the back of the prepaid card at the end of the signature panel) will need to be entered to start the card registration process.

Having trouble logging in?

  • Users that have forgotten their username can start the recovery process by entering their card number, security code, and the 5 digit postal code printed in their card package
  • Users that have forgotten their passwords can begin the recovery process by entering their username and the 5 digit postal code printed in their card package
  • Links to both the username and password recovery steps are provided next to the login fields on the Prepaid Citi Xfinity account management page
  • Citi Prepaid Services recommends that cardholders reset their passwords periodically to help reduce the risk for identity theft

It is important for cardholders to know that the Citi Card Services team will never make unsolicited contact for card information by phone, email, or text message.  Users are encouraged not to provide their card information to anyone for their own protection.

Citigroup Inc. is a financial company providing products and services to consumers worldwide.  The company was founded in 1812 and runs its headquarters out of New York City, New York. Customers can reach Citi headquarters by writing to 388 Greenwich Street New York, NY 10013 or by dialing 212-559-1000.




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