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The Protein Shake Settlement:  Requesting Payment

  • Class Members must submit a claim to receive payment
  • The settlement provides online or mail-in claim filing
  • The Settlement Administrator can help answer questions

The class action lawsuit called Gregorio v. Premier Nutrition Corp. is now moving into settlement phase as both parties have come to an agreement.  The $9 MILLION settlement is set to resolve allegations that the Defendant misled consumers about the protein content of some of its products (the Deck Over Settlement is another example of a lawsuit with allegations over marketing claims).  The Defendant did however, deny the allegations raised by the Plaintiffs stating it has done nothing wrong.  Nevertheless, who is right and who is wrong doesn’t seem to matter much as it appears the case will be wrapping up before proceeding to trial.  Class Members can file a claim online by going to the settlement’s filing page and clicking the Claim Your Benefits tab.

The Protein Shake Settlement “Bulking Up” on Information

  • Consumers must have purchased the products between 08/08/2011 and 10/12/2018
  • The court has made no ruling as whether or not the Defendant is in any way at fault
  • Class Members who can provide proof of the purchase(s) can receive up to $40
  • Class Members who cannot document the purchase(s) can only receive up to $20

After clicking the Claim Your Benefits tab, Class Members will need to confirm whether or not they received a notice of the settlement.  Class Members who received a notice can enter the Notice ID shown on the postcard to begin filing.  As far as the Notice ID goes, the settlement page offers a convenient sample image showing exactly where it can be found on the postcard or email.

The Protein Shake Settlement:  Important Dates to Remember

  • Class Members must submit their claims no later than December 20th, 2018
  • The settlement will only accept exclusion requests until December 11th, 2018
  • The court will decide whether to approve the settlement on January 17th, 2019
  • Class Members who do not file a claim or request exclusion receive NOTHING

Class Members must ensure the correspondence is postmarked by the December 20th, 2018 deadline when sending a claim form to the Settlement Administrator.  The Frequently Asked Questions located within the notice and at the filing page can help answer many common questions about the settlement process.  In addition to the FAQs, Class Members can also contact the Settlement Administrator directly for more information about the settlement.

The Protein Shake Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 25159, Richmond, VA 23260
  • 833-347-4253


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2 thoughts on “www.ProteinShakeSettlement.com – Submit Claim Up to $40

  1. I drink one of their chocolate Protein Shakes EVERYDAY and have been for many many years! I’m am SO disappointed to hear about this if it is really true. Because of my health concerns I need a lot of protein. It will be extremely frustrating for me if this turns out to be true. I have a closet full of cases because I stock up when on sale.

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