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PS Vue Activate Roku Device 

  • Account login is required to begin
  • An activation code will be needed
  • Support phone number is available

With all of the recent technological advances in the streaming sector, there’s just no excuse for an overly complicated or convoluted device activation process.  Fortunately, it doesn’t appear PlayStation will have to make any excuses whatsoever when it comes to the simple process of setting up a Roku device on PS Vue.  The process can be initiated by adding the PS Vue from the channel store on a Roku device and selecting the Activate Your Device option to receive a code that can be used to activate the Roku.  Once the code has been received it can be taken over to the PS Vue Activate Roku page where it can be entered to complete the activation process (it’s kinda hard to imagine a streaming device activation process getting any simpler actually).  Although it may seem obvious, it should be pointed out that users must have one of the available PS Vue plans (Access for $39.99 per month, Core for $44.99 per month, Elite for $54.99 per month, and Ultra for $74.99 per month) BEFORE beginning the Roku device activation process.

What are some of the channels I can look forward to watching on PS Vue?

  • Fox Sports 1 – Catch all the live action on one of the nation’s top sporting channels
  • Pop TV – Catch up on today’s pop culture content (Big Brother After Dark anyone??)
  • Science Channel – Open the mind and get ready to let in tons of fascinating new info
  • Destination America – Get ready for a truly bizarre viewing experience like no other
  • AMC – Just in time for the latest episodes of the hit zombie show The Walking Dead

It is worth noting that prior to activating a device a Sony account login is required.  This can be completed by entering an email address and account password into the PS Vue Activate Roku page before clicking the Sign In  button to gain access.  Users who can’t recall an account password can click the Trouble Signing In? link to begin the password reset process.  Those who have yet to register for a Sony account can begin by clicking the Create New Account tab posted under the login fields at the PS Vue Activate Roku page.  Support for PS Vue related issues is available by contacting the Sony Consumer Services Department (it’s always nice to have helping hand ready and extended just in case it’s needed).

Sony Consumer Services Department Contact Information

  • 2207 Bridgepointe Pkwy, San Mateo, CA, 94404
  • 800-345-7669