www.quakerhearthealth.com – Enter Quaker Code & Win $1,000

Quaker Heart Health 

  • Code from Quaker product can be used to enter
  • First Prizes and Grand Prizes are up for grabs
  • Alternative code free entry method is available

Of all the promotional formats out there it’s hard to find one capable of generating more buzz than the classic code word instant win game.  One of the latest to launch a promotion that utilizes this tried and true format is Quaker (which also happens to be one of the most tried and true breakfast brands).  Those who pick up a participating Quaker product can begin the process of signing up for a chance to win a $1,000 Grand Prize by going to the Quaker Heart Health page and entering the UPC code.  After the code has been entered the registration process can be completed by writing a “goal” which must be between 3 and 140 characters in length (a pre-populated goal can also be selected by those who haven’t had their coffee yet and are short on the creative juice needed to pull it off).  Those who don’t mind touting the promotion on social media can share it on Twitter or Pinterest to earn a bonus instant win game play.

This looks promising indeed.  Anything I should know?

  • The promotion kicks off on January 15th, 2018 and wraps up on March 10th, 2018
  • Open to legal residents of the U.S. who are at least 18 at the start of the promotion
  • A total of 55 $1,000 Grand Prizes are set to be awarded (comes in the form of a check)
  • There will be a total of 11,000 First Prizes awarded (Quaker coupons valued at $5.99)
  • There is a limit of 1 instant win play and 1 bonus play per person/email address per day

Those who want to review a full list of products with codes that can be used to enter can do so by clicking the Official Rules link at the Quaker Heart Health page (list is found under the Appendix A section).  The total Appropriate Retail Value of all prizes set to be awarded in the Quaker Oats Feed Your Heart Instant Win Game comes to a startling $120,890.00 (a low percentage of promotions surpass the very lucrative $100k value mark!).  Participants who are a bit hungry after exerting the effort to write a 140 character goal may want to click the Recipes link at the top of the Quaker Heart Health page to review the exciting dishes that can be made using Quaker Oats (try them cold with milk and raisins!).  A code can be obtained without making a purchase by sending a request to PO Box 760006, Dept. 181-709, El Paso, TX 88576-0006.


  • The Quaker Oats Company – 555 West Monroe Street, Chicago, Illinois 60661