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Saks Store Survey

  • Complete survey online for a shot at a $2,500 gift card

Saks Fifth Avenue wants to know the opinions of it’s customers and is offering an online survey in order to find out what shoppers think about the store. Customers that take a few minutes to help Saks Fifth Avenue out by providing their opinions will be presented with the lucrative opportunity to enter the stores quarterly drawing where they can win a gift card worth a hefty $2,500. Customers that are anxious for a chance to win this generous prize need to stay calm, wipe the foam from their mouths, and  pull up the survey’s designated webpage.

After arriving at the designated webpage customers will see a Next button that can be clicked to start the survey.  Before starting the survey customers can review the official survey rules and review a list of past winners through the corresponding links on the survey webpage.  The first thing participants will need to do after clicking the Next button is verify their age and whether or not they or any family member is employed by Saks Fifth Avenue.  Once these items are verified customers will need to reach into their pockets and pull out the store receipt in order to enter some specific visit information before continuing.  The information that needs to be entered from the receipt includes the ST number, the TRM number, the TRN number, ASSOC number, and the date of purchase.  Confused participants that are having a hard time locating this information on their receipts can simply refer to the image of the receipt provided on this page for help.  Once all of the required information is entered participants can go ahead and click the Next button to get started on providing their opinions and hopefully winning a hardy $2,500 gift card while they’re at it.



16 thoughts on “www.saks.com/storesurvey – Saks Fifth Avenue Customer Survey

  1. New Saks store in Toronto – It was amazing. It was beautiful The inventory was plentiful and displayed well. The sales people were helpful, polite and happy. It really felt like being in Saks in any U.S city.

  2. Store is well laid out and products are kept nicely displayed. It is bright. Staff are friendly and helpful. They remember that you have shopped with them before. Some even remember names and call customers by name. They make notes about what you want if they do not have a product and call you when they get it in.

  3. My order was placed by telephone. Yoyo, the sales lady, was knowledgeable, cheerful, and answered all my questions. I received my order the next day.
    Happy Holidays to all Saks employees making my shopping a “JOY”.
    Lou Ann Murphy

  4. This goes to Devin in Sales in cosmetics i treated with nothing but respect and highly appreciated for her time can’t wait to return City line store Upper Merion many thanks go out to her.Mike Bouie.

  5. I shop at the Saks store in Las Vegas. However, whenever I order anything, it might take ten days to receive it. Although I know this going in, I have ordered the same item from Neiman Marcus and receive it within 3 or 4 days. With all the internet buying, I think Saks needs to pop it up or they will lose business in this competitive age.

  6. LORRAINE in the UNIVERSITY PARK MALL women’s cloths department was very personable, as well as helpful.

  7. I visited the Cosmetics Department in Saks/UTC Mall Sarasota, FL this evening. I stood, waiting for some help, for about 8 minutes while two salesgirls were talking. They occasionally looked my way but never asked if I needed assistance. I didn’t recognize these girls from other trips I’ve made to the department. Usually I am greeted soon after arriving and the service has been great. Finally another salesperson approached me and she was very patient, attentive and was able to answer all of my questions. She was great, her name was Barbara Jean. I might add that the entire time Barbara Jean waited on me the other two associates continued to talk to each other. Barbara Jean interrupted them at one point, needing some assistance, and one of the girls did help but seemed miffed. I’ve never encountered the rudeness and inattentiveness of these two girls in this department before. All I can say is “THANK GOODNESS FOR BARBARA JEAN!”

  8. Saks in Tyson’s Mclean Va.. The sales people were snobbish & the service was bad as usual. My wife had the same experience a couple of weeks ago. Happens to be the only store in the area that carries a particular brand I like. Oh Barney’s & Bloomingdales online going forward.


  10. from ANA,
    AT RICHMOND VA 23235

  11. Crystal assoc # 140764 was hugely helpful
    With both my friend and me at the Saks on 5th in NY in the Handbag department. She was a delight: extremely polite and very pleasant personality. Please give her lots of
    Stars for making our experience so wonderful.

  12. We’ve shopped at Saks Boston for over 20 years. We are not the best customers of the store. Our personal shopper, Louise, treats us as if we were her best and only customer. With service like this, there is no reason to ever leave.

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