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Why not see both near and far?  Find out more!

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With the sheer amount of people affected by poor vision, it only stands to reason that many individuals may be interested in a FREE trial of a contact lens that is said to help see near AND far (doesn’t it even get any better than that??).  Those who like the idea of such a dynamic product can now SEE for themselves (pun definitely intended) all that the lens has to offer by getting started with the current free trial located at www.seenearandfar.com.  The process of securing the trial offer can be initiated by clicking the Get a Free Trial button to sign up for an Eye File account (an online form with a name, email address, password, contact lens of interest, date of birth, and zip code must be filled out).  Those who have already registered for an account can login with an email address and password (the login process can also be completed with social media accounts for those who find it more convenient).

Multi-focal Contact Lenses Available from Alcon

  • Dailies Total 1 – Feel the comfort provided by moisturizing water gradient technology
  • Aqua Comfort Plus – Featuring a blink-activated moisture technology (daily disposable)
  • Air Optix Aqua – Replacement lenses that feature technology to prevent gross deposits
  • *All Alcon Multi-focal contacts help wearers see near, intermediate, and far (enough said?)

The process of beginning a rebate can be initiated by clicking the Rebate Offer link posted at the top right hand side www.seenearandfar.com.  Those who already have a rebate code can click the Start Your Rebate Submission link to proceed with the simple process of getting that cabbage back wear it belongs (in the wallet of course).  The Get My Rebate Code button can be clicked by those who have yet to receive a code (pretty self-explanatory).  Customers who have previously submitted a rebate can click the Check Your Rebate Claim Status link and enter a reference number and email address to find out exactly where things are at in the process (always a good idea to keep an eye on things).  Questions for Alcon can be directed to the company’s consumer care team between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM CT Monday through Friday.

Alcon Consumer Care Team Contact Information

  • 6201 South Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76134-2001
  • 800-757-9195