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Show Me Money!!

  • Unclaimed property search is provided
  • Previously filed claims can be tracked
  • MO Treasurer contact info is available

Most would be surprised to hear they have unclaimed money out there just waiting to be reunited with its rightful owner.  Believe it or not, this holds true for a large number of individuals across the country.  Missouri residents can now find out if unclaimed money or property awaits them by conducting a quick search at the Show Me Money page.  Upon arrival at the page a name (last name followed by first name) can be typed into the search tool to see the available results showing the recipient’s last known address along with the amount of unclaimed property.  Those who believe they found what is rightfully theirs to be claimed can begin the process of bringing the long lost cash home by clicking the File a Claim tab.  The Track Your Claim button posted under the search bar at the Show Me Money page can be used to look up the status of existing claims or to find out where a received check came from (always interesting to find out where the money’s been and why it’s owed!).

More on the Missouri State Treasurer

  • Banks can apply for a funds deposit by contacting the Missouri State Treasurer
  • The Treasurer does NOT have a list of all financial institutions within Missouri
  • MO’s $4 BILLION investment portfolio is focused on safety, liquidity, and yield
  • The Linked Deposit Program offers low-interest loans with partnered lenders
  • Regulations of financial institutions is NOT performed by the MO Treasurer

Those who have received a post card with instructions to visit the Show Me Money page can begin by clicking the Received a postcard? link to review the list of potential correspondences.  Once the correct postcard has been identified the provided instructions can be read to determine the next step.  Those who need to replace a state issued check that has been lost or destroyed (why on earth destroy a perfectly good check??) can reach out to the Missouri State Treasurer for assistance.

Missouri State Treasurer Contact Information

  • PO Box 210, Jefferson City, MO 65102
  • 573-751-8533