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Shrimp Basket Listens! 

  • Got you’re receipt ready?  Gonna need it
  • A sample image is provided for reference
  • Survey is available in both English and Spanish
  • You can also review the terms at www.shrimpbasketlistens.com

If you’ve recently loaded up on some savory shrimp at Shrimp Basket, there’s a chance you’ve also received an invite to take the restaurant’s customer survey.  So if you have, here’s how to get it done!  First, grab your receipt and go to the online survey page.  In order to begin, type in the 3 digit store number, date of service, time of service, and order number (these are all located on your receipt).  Once you’ve entered all of the above information tap the Start button to proceed.

A few more notes about taking the survey at www.shrimpbasketlistens.com

Can’t find the information on your receipt?  Don’t fret, there just so happens to be a handy little sample image posted at the survey.

The sample image highlights the location of all the information needed to begin your survey (it’s a big bright red color so you won’t miss it!).

Having trouble with the language?  You can easily switch between English and Spanish by clicking the link below the Start button.

Worried about time?  Hey, it’s only gonna take a minute or two so you shouldn’t have a problem fitting it into your busy schedule.

So what did you think of your visit to Shrimp Basket?  Hopefully they straight up CRUSHED IT!  Either way, don’t hesitate to let ’em know whatcha think (that’s the whole point of the Shrimp Basket Listens survey after all).

Shrimp Basket is has many locations scattered across the shores of the Gulf.  Additionally, some locations have even started showing up in the northern parts of Alabama.


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