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The Sky Zone Listens SMG Survey:  Let’s Begin

  • A language can be selected before beginning
  • Terms & Service and Privacy Policy are provided
  • Sky Zone contact information is available

As with many online customers survey, the Sky Zone Listens SMG survey isn’t afraid to reward participants for the time and opinions.  Upon successful completion of the survey an offer that can be used at an upcoming visit will be emailed within 24 hours (how’s that for instant gratification?).  Those who like the sound of an offer in exchange for a few thoughts can begin by first selecting a language to provide feedback in.  Once the language has been chosen the Start button can be clicked to proceed to the first page of the survey.  After clicking the Start button the Next button can be clicked to move onto the next screen.

Sweet Stuff to Do at Sky Zone

  • Freestyle Jump – Get on the trampolines and just start JUMPING
  • Skyslam – Grab a hold of the rock (basketball) and slam it home!
  • Ultimate Dodgeball – It’s more exciting when flying through the air
  • Foam Zone – Bounce around confidently knowing the foam is there
  • Ultimate Volleyball – Get massive ups and spike the ball to victory
  • Skyclimb – Try to navigate through the upward bound obstacle course

The status of the Sky Zone Listens SMG survey can be checked at anytime by taking a glance at the progress bar posted at the bottom of the page.  In addition to the progress bar, copies of both the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can also be found at the bottom of the survey.  Those who need to revisit a previously answered question will need to use the back button of their browser to move backward through the survey.  Corporate inquiries for Sky Zone can be sent to the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.

Sky Zone Headquarters Address

  • 1201 W. 5th Street, T-900
  • Los Angeles, CA 90017


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