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Smile Power MO 

  • Missouri residents can enroll for a plan online
  • Frequently Asked questions list is provided
  • Delta Dental contact information is available

A health set of pearly whites can be a key component of one’s overall self-confidence (and of one’s overall health in general some say).  With that in mind, Missouri residents should be thrilled to learn Delta Dental is now offering open enrollment for those who are currently without coverage.  The online enrollment process can be initiated by going to the Smile Power Mo page and entering a zip code before clicking the See Plans and Pricing link.  After clicking the link, the age of the applicant must be entered before proceeding to the list of available plans (spouses and dependents can also be entered).  Once the desired plan has been found (hopefully after a very thorough review) the Select Plan button can be clicked to proceed with the online application process.  Those with questions about the plans being offered can help themselves by reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions list posted under the Learn More section of the Smile Power MO page.

Plans Available from Delta Dental of Missouri

  • Traditional Value Plan – The lowest monthly payment but the highest deductible
  • Traditional Basic Plan – Coverage for major care is introduced at a 25 percent rate
  • Traditional Preferred Plan – The plan includes an annual plan maximum of $1,000
  • Traditional Choice Plan –  100% for preventative, 80% for basic, and 50% for major
  • All previous plans include a 6 month waiting period on fillings (patience, patients!)

Those who have already enrolled can sign in directly through the Smile Power Mo page by entering an email address along with an account password.  The process of resting account login credentials can be initiated by entering a last name, date of birth, and Social Security Number (those who have only forgotten an account password can just enter an email address).  Customers who didn’t have much luck rummaging through the FAQs can cut to the chase and contact Delta Dental of Missouri directly by phone or through email correspondence.

Delta Dental of Missouri Contact Information

  • exchangeservices@deltadentalmo.com
  • Toll-Free Phone – 866-991-7345
  • Local Phone – 314-656-3001