www.snapon.com/dreamdrive – Enter Code to Win a $30k Voucher!

Enter the Snap On Dream Drive Sweepstakes (Here’s How)

  • Participants can enter using the code from the card they received
  • Participants earn entry codes by making payments on an account
  • The sweepstakes provides a complete online copy of its rules

Making an on-time payment is a rewarding task in and of itself.  However, the reward becomes a whole lot sweeter when there’s some extra incentive added to the mix.  For instance, Snap-On customers who make payments on their account in accordance to their payment schedule can now receive a chance to win a whopping $30,000 in auction vouchers through the Snap-On Dream Drive Sweepstakes.  In order to enter, the customer must take the code found on the card received from their sales representative and go to the online entry page.  Once at the entry page, the customer can enter the code and complete registration.

Snap On Dream Drive Sweepstakes:  Inside the Rules

  • The sweepstakes begins on January 21st, 2019 and comes to an end on March 15th
  • Participants must be customers of a participating Snap-On franchisee or sales rep
  • There is a total of 3 Grand Prizes, each of which include $30,000 in auction vouchers
  • In addition to the Grand Prizes, the sweepstakes is also awarding 62 First Prizes

Each of the 62 First Prizes are a KRSC46 Flip-Lid Roll Cart that’s loaded with a bounty of Snap-On hand tools.  Participants can review the full details of both the Grand and First Prizes by clicking the Official Rules link found at the entry page.  Once inside the rules, the participant can scroll to section 7 to read about the prizes (please note there is a separate set of rules for the Grand and First Prizes).

More on the Snap On Dream Drive Sweepstakes

  • There is NO LIMIT to the amount of entries a participant can make during the promotion
  • Each eligible entry card code must apply to separate payments made by the participant
  • Participants can request a list of the winners by writing to the Sponsor of the promotion
  • Sure to be one of the year’s most popular games (along with the Shop Play Win game)

By the way, participants can also enter the sweepstakes by sending a 3 X 5 inch index card to the Sponsor.  In order to be eligible, the card must contain the participant’s name, address, phone number, and email address along with the first and last name of participant’s franchisee or sales representative.  Please note that it is necessary for participants to hand write all of the required information (no photocopies allowed!).

Snap On Dream Drive Sweepstakes

  • Snap-on Tools Company LLC
  • 2801 80th St., Kenosha, Wisconsin, 53143

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