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Span On EPC 

  • The system requires a username and password to enter the catalog
  • Lost your credentials?  Don’t worry, you can easily recover them
  • Plan on stopping by often?  Ask to be remembered by your computer

Gone are the days of those old paper catalogs (well for the most part anyways).  Instead, the vast majority of catalogs are now listed online.  For instance, you can now access the Span On EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog) at www.snaponepc.com.

How do I get started with Snap On EPC?

In order to begin enter your username and password.

Next, click he Login button to enter the catalog.

If you have trouble with your password click the link below the login fields to begin account recovery.

Once you click the link you’ll need to enter your username OR email address to restore your password (just make sure you can at least remember one of those!).

After a successful login you can begin taking advantage of all the Snap On EPC has to offer (we think you’re gonna like what you see).

By the way, the catalog offers access in a variety of languages.  In order to change the language of the catalog, simply click the drop down list at the top right hand side of www.snaponepc.com.  Next,  scroll down and choose your desired language (there’s over 20 of them so chances are you’re in good shape!).

Finally, if you plan on using the catalog often, you may want to check the Remember Me box located beneath the login fields for quicker access in the future (because in this day and age every second counts).

Got something to tell/ask Snap-On?  Contact the corporate offices!  See below.

Span-On Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 2801 80th St.
  • Kenosha, WI 53143
  • 877-762-7664

Did your hear??  It’s Almost time for the Snap On Dream Drive 2020!


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