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SoFi Refi

  • Confirmation number can be entered to begin the offer
  • A variety of different terms apply to the available rates
  • Customer support is available by phone or via email

A large student loan payment can get in the way of important goals and aspirations (like saving up to buy that new lambo!).  Fortunately, the burden can be eased by taking advantage of one of the many available refinance offers.  One such offer is now available to those who received a letter with directions to enter a confirmation number at the SoFi Refi page.  Those who want to find out what kind of rate they’re looking at before beginning the application process can do so by entering a zip code along with the confirmation number from the letter.  Potential borrowers who are wondering if all this rate checking business will impact their credit can breathe easy as the process will NOT have an effect on any credit score (last thing anyone needs is a plummeting credit score just for making an inquiry or two).  More can be found out concerning the available rates from SoFi by clicking the Learn More button at the SoFi Refi page.

Important Information Regarding SoFi Refinancing

  • LIBOR index changes may create a monthly payment increase for variable rate loans
  • The max Annual Percentage Rate for 5,7, and 10 year variable rates loans is 8.95%
  • 15 and 20 year variable rate loan Annual Percentage Rates are capped off at 9.95%
  • SoFi has the ability to refinance both private AND federal loans (talk about flexible!)
  • Fixed rates loan start off at 3.25% to 7.25% when the borrower enrolls in auto pay
  • Members can get a .125% discount on additional SoFi loans (perks are always nice)

Those who have decided to move forward with the application process can begin by clicking the Get Started button posted at the bottom of the SoFi Refi page to complete the online registration process.  Returning members can login to manage an account using an email address and password.  Those with questions about the refinance process can reach out to the SoFi customer service department between the hours of 4 AM and 9 PM PST Monday through Thursday and between 4 AM and 5 PM PST Friday through Sunday (hard not to be satisfied with that level of availability).

SoFi Customer Service Contact Information

  • customerservice@sofi.com
  • 855-456-7634