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South Beach for Men

  • Offer ordering process can be completed online
  • Account registration available for new customers
  • Sales support is available via phone or by email

Most guys know just how hard it can be to lose a few extra pounds while carrying around the burden of a MAN’S APPETITE.  Such an aggressive hunger calls for an equally aggressive diet plan.  This is where South Beach for Men comes into play.  Guys who like the idea of chowing down up to 6 times per day, all while losing weight at the same time, can get started by going to the online offer page and clicking the Order Now button.  Before proceeding to the payment screen details of the plan can be reviewed, the menu can be edited, and/or snacks can be added to the order (nutritious protein snacks not junk like gummy bears or jelly doughnuts!).  Those who prefer to skip the whole entering of the billing and shipping details part of the process can do so by checking out with PayPal or PayPal Credit (icons are posted at the top of the billing page).

Thanks for the info but what’s so cool about South Beach for Men?

  • Includes a variety of tasty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (now we’re talking!)
  • Provides guides to dining out along with healthy recipes to help stay on track
  • Good carbs are introduced to the diet (bring on the whole grains and fruits!)
  • Put time back on the clock by eating quick fully prepared meals every week
  • The basic ideas of the diet will be learned to help maintain weight loss goals

Those who do not end up using PayPal will need to register for an account by filling out an online form with height, weight, goal weight, gender, email address, and password before proceeding to the payment screen.  Returning customers who are coming back for more belly-busting (substitute gut-pulverizing here if preferred) meals can simply login using an email address and password in order to complete the order.  Those with questions about South Beach for Men can try getting in touch with a sales representative by phone or through email correspondence.

South Beach Diet Sales Contact Information

  • gettingstarted@southbeachdiet.com
  • 888-841-2620