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Nothing recognizes a job well done like cold hard CASH.  With that being said, those who sell Simmons Bedding Company products should be more than happy with the recognition provided through the My Beauty Rest Rewards portal.  Those who need access to their cash awards claim and payment history can begin by going to the SSB Rewards page and entering an email address and account password before clicking the Login button to gain access to an account.  Users who plan on coming back often (embrace the attitude of a real go-getter!) can opt to check the Remember Me box posted beneath the login fields to have credentials saved for future account access.  It is important to point out that both the username and password are case-sensitive (might want to go ahead and double-check to make sure caps lock is off before attempting to sign in).

A Look at Simmons Bedding Company

  • Brands include BeautySleep and Beautyrest (Silver, Platinum, and Black)
  • The first company to roll out King and Queen sized mattresses (thanks!)
  • Invented a memory foam and spring hybrid in 2008 (forward thinking)
  • Offers a “mattress in a box” made from 8 or 10 inch thick memory foam
  • The first Beautyrest brand mattress was made available to buy in 1925

Those who have yet to sign up for access to the My Beauty Rest Rewards portal can begin by clicking the Register Now button posted at the left hand side of the SSB Rewards page.  After clicking the button an online registration form must be completed before clicking the I Agree Register Me Now button (box must also be checked to confirm terms have been read and are agreed to).  It should be noted that new accounts will take anywhere between 42 and 72 hours to be approved (pretty sure it’s going to be worth the wait!).  Those who don’t have access after 72 hours can reach out to support by phone or through email correspondence.

My Beauty Rest Reward Support

  • ssbrewards@360incentives.com
  • 866-415-2070