www.start.watchown.tv/activate – Activate Device for OWN Streaming

Activating a Device for OWN GO

  • An activate code must be entered to begin
  • Frequently Asked Questions list isavailable
  • Questions or comments can be sent by email

Sometimes watching a program only during its regular scheduled air time just doesn’t cut it.  Fortunately, the modern-day technological era has provided viewers with anytime and (perhaps more importantly) ANYWHERE access to most of their favorite programming.  For example, fans of OWN can now settle in for endless hours of around the clock content streaming thanks to the network’s streaming app.  Those who think this sounds like a good idea (if not GREAT idea) can begin the device activation process by going to start.watchown.tv/activate and entering the code shown on the device before clicking the Activate! button to proceed (instructions provided on the device must be followed to get the required activation code).  Once the activation process has been successfully completed.  Once the device activation process has been completed there won’t be a whole lot left to do other than pop up a bag of popcorn (or possibly open a bag of chips) and settle into the couch for a long TV binge-sesh.

Shows to Check Out on OWN

  • Queensugar – Follow the dramatic (and often suspenseful) lives of the Bordelon siblings
  • Home Made Simple – Laila Ali works her magic to help families transform their homes
  • The Paynes – A new Tyler Perry sitcom focusing on the adventures of the Payne family
  • Mind Your Business –  
  • The Book of John Gray – A thoughtful and funny show about helping others (must see!)

It should be pointed out that both the device and the computer must be connected to the internet before attempting to activate a device at start.watchown.tv/activate (may seem like an obvious step but it doesn’t hurt to clarify!).  Those with questions about the OWN app can try checking out the FAQs available at the network’s main web page.  Questions or comments can be submitted through the Feedback section of the app or sent directly by email.

Feedback Email Address

  • feedback@own.tv