www.statefarm.com/replacemycheck – Request Replacement Check

State Farm Replace My Check

  • Online form can be completed to request a new check
  • Account login and bill payment options are provided
  • State Farm support contact information is available

Nobody likes the feeling dread that’s often experienced when suddenly realizing that a check has gone missing.  Fortunately, those who have lost a check that was issued by State Farm can take a deep breath and begin thinking of greener pastures thanks to the simple replacement check request form found at the State Farm Replace My Check page.  Upon arrival at the page, the type of funds a replacement check can be requested for can be reviewed prior to proceeding with the request (claims, compensations, dividends, general expense payments, life insurance payments, and premium refunds).  After reviewing the type of funds the Request Replacement Check button can be clicked to proceed to a new page where an online form can be completed by entering payment information, payee information, contact information, and any additional information (if there is any to share).  Prior to hitting the Next button found at the bottom of the State Farm Replace My Check page, it must be confirmed whether or not an email confirmation of the request is desired (always a good idea to have written confirmation, especially when it comes to anything financial!).

A Fly Over View of State Farm

  • Currently has around 83 MILLION active polices and accounts throughout the U.S.
  • Operations made possible by 65,000 employees and 18,000 dependent contractors
  • Out of the 83 million accounts and polices more than half are from auto insurance
  • Ranks in at number 36 on the Fortune 500 list (meaning the company is MASSIVE)
  • Each day State Farm processes nearly 40,000 claims (hence the 65,000 employees!)

It is important to note that those who do decide to fill out the additional information field of the request form are encouraged NOT to share any sensitive personal information.  State Farm customers who decide they need to take care of some account management needs after requesting the new check can click the Login button posted at the top right hand corner of the State Farm Replace My Check page (allows users to either login with a username and password or make payment without having to login).  Those with questions about the replacement check process can try reaching out to State Farm support via phone or mail correspondence.

State Farm Support Contact Information

  • PO Box 588002, North Metro, GA 30029
  • 800-782-8332