www.stewarts.co.uk/activate – Activate a Stewart’s Privilege Card

Activating a Stewart’s Privilege Card

  • A brief online form must be completed
  • Marketing information can be received
  • Stewart’s contact information is available

Stewart’s Garden Centre is offering a “Privilege Card” that allows customers to earn points that can be spent on ANYTHING in the store.  However, before the earning (and spending) of points can begin it will first be necessary to activate the card.  The process of activating the card can be initiated by going to the Stewart’s Activate page and completing a brief online form.  Please note that the activation form requires a card number, title, name, address, postcode, phone number, and email address be entered.  In addition to the required personal information a local Stewart’s Garden Centre must be confirmed and the Terms & Conditions must be accepted before the card can be activated.

Why should I bother activating a Stewart’s Privilege Card?

  • Allows cardholders to start the reason off right with HALF PRICE compost
  • A whopping 2 points will be earned for every £1 spent at one of the centres
  • Cardholders will receive invites to “Special Evenings” (a delightful experience)
  • Stewart’s 1742 Magazine will be received 4 times each year…………..FOR FREE
  • Cardholders can even earn points on purchases at a Stewart’s Coffee Shop

Prior to completing the form at the Stewart’s Activate page it will be necessary to confirm whether or not email and postal marketing is wanted (check either Yes or No).  Marketing items that may be received include features such as the monthly newsletter and the 1742 Magazine (hard to pass up).  Once the marketing preferences have been confirmed the Activate button can be clicked to get the Stewart’s Privilege Card ready to roll.

The origins of Stewart’s Garden Centres can be traced back as far as 1742 (hence the previously magazine title) when Charles Stewart began growing forestry trees in Scotland.  The company currently has three Garden Centres and offers FREE local delivery on purchases more than £100.  General inquiries for Stewart’s can be directed to the company’s office in Dorset.

Stewart’s Contact Information

  • Lyndhurst Rd., Dorset, BH23 4SA
  • info@stewarts.co.uk
  • 01425 272244