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Sweet Place to Work

  • 4 different job categories can be searched
  • Video about life at Krispy Kreme is provided
  • Krispy Kreme corporate contact info is available

Any company looking to compete for the work of quality employees should have an adequate system for getting the word out about new job openings.  Krispy Kreme seems to have a good handle on this judging by the online job search and application process found at the Sweet Place to Work page.  Potential employees can begin the search for a new career by first choosing the type of job that is desired: Corporate, Team Member, Store Manager, or Franchise.  After selecting the appropriate job category the search for openings can be completed by selecting a department, position type, and location before clicking the Search button (selecting ALL for each might be a good idea for those who want to keep their options open).  Those who end up finding a position they’re interested in can begin the application process by clicking the Apply for This Job Online button and entering an email address.

Taking a Break to Review Some Sweet Offerings Available at Krispy Kreme

  • Glazed Blueberry Cake – A cake doughnut loaded with blueberry flavor.  A MUST try!
  • Maple Iced Glazed – Hard to beat the flavor of a glazed doughnut covered in syrup
  • Cinnamon Sugar – This classic is available at participating locations for a limited time
  • Chocolate Ice Glazed with Sprinkles – Not the most mature doughnut but still tasty
  • Mini Original Glazed Doughnuts – The taste of the original Krispy Kreme only smaller

Potential applicants who want to get a better idea of what life is like at Krispy Kreme may want to take a few minutes to watch the video posted under the What It’s Like at Krispy Kreme section (hard to imagine anyone not feeling motivated after watching it).  Those who find a position that may be a better fit for someone they know can click the Email This Job to a Friend link to have the details sent to the person in mind.  General questions about Krispy Kreme can be directed to the doughnut chain’s corporate office located in Winston-Salem, NC.

Krispy Kreme Corporate Office Contact Information

  • PO Box 83, Winston-Salem, NC 27102
  • krispykreme@casupport.com
  • 800-457-4779