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Swiss Delivery Feedback

  • Access code from receipt is needed to begin
  • Survey questions can be asked via online form
  • Swiss Chalet contact information is available

After scarfing down a piping hot meal that was delivered right to one’s door step the likely reaction is to tell anyone who is willing to listen about the epic experience.  However, perhaps it’s better to save the feedback for the entity that is actually responsible for the gracious delivery.  Those who have recently experienced such an event thanks to a Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill can now let the restaurant know how it did by taking the online survey at the Swiss Delivery Feedback page.  The survey process be commenced by entering the Access Code from the delivery receipt along with a check number and date of purchase.  After all of the required information has been entered the Start button can be clicked to proceed with the online feedback.  Those with questions about the survey process may want to complete the online contact form by clicking the Survey Questions? link posted at the bottom of the Swiss Delivery Feedback page.

A Lingering Glance at the Swiss Chalet Menu

  • Cheese Perogies – Tiny pillows of dough stuffed with cheese and served with zesty sauce
  • Festive Special – Chicken served with savory stuffing, sweet cranberry sauce, and a side
  • Rotisserie Beef & Sauteed Shrimp – Features 8 shrimp and 3.5 ounces of rotisserie beef
  • Sweet Heat Salad – Includes a juicy slice of chicken breast and a tasty lime kiwi dressing
  • Chicken Pot Pie – A heart combo of chicken and garden vegetables in a creamy sauce

Those who are a bit perplexed by the section of the survey that requires receipt information to be entered may want to refer to the image of a Swiss Chalet receipt (outlines the exact locations of where the required pieces of information can be found).  Customers who are a bit wary of sharing personal information can review the survey’s Privacy Policy linked to at the bottom left hand side of the Swiss Delivery Feedback page.  Non-survey related questions for Swiss Chalet can be directed to the restaurant’s customer service department.

Swiss Chalet Customer Service Number

  • 416-439-0-439