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Let’s face it, no matter how sharp the brain, everyone could use a little tune up every once in a while.  Those who find themselves nodding in agreement may want to jump in on the current trial offer for the Talent Brain Portal.  Individuals who are ready (and willing) to tackle a trial sample of memory games and tests can begin by going to the portal’s registration page and clicking the Start Your Training Now button to begin an online form that can be completed with a name, city, age, email address, zip code, and address.  Once all of the required information has been entered into the form the Next button can be clicked to proceed with the online trial registration process.  It is important to point out that the trial lasts for 3 days and varies in price depending on location.  Those who want to take a deeper dive into the Terms & Conditions associated with the Talent Brain Portal can do so by clicking the link found at the bottom of the page.

Inside the Terms & Conditions

  • Users will be billed monthly charges if the subscription is not stopped within 3 days
  • Monthly charges for subscriptions will reoccur every 30 days until service is stopped
  • Service subscription fees are not refundable when a member requests a cancellation
  • Users are not allowed to provide their username and password to another person
  • Upon registration a username a password will be provided via email correspondence

Existing users can login to the Talent Brain Portal by clicking the button posted at the type right hand side of the page and entering a username and account password (such a simple login process allows one to save the brain power for the games!).  It should be pointed out that the most active member each month may be rewarded with an iPhone 8 RED (as long as the membership began over 90 days prior).  Questions about the portal can be directed to customer support by phone or through email correspondence.

Customer Support Contact Information

  • cs@talentbrainportal.com
  • +442036958873