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Talk to Stop and Shop Survey

  • Code from the receipt can be used to begin
  • Example of a Stop and Shop receipt is provided
  • Contact information for the store is available

Frantically scanning the bottom portion for a code is the first thing many customers do after being handed a receipt.  Those who consider this kind of behavior to be alarming (or at the very least a little strange) probably don’t know that these codes often unlock the ability to participate in online customer surveys, many of which can end up being VERY lucrative indeed.  With that having been cleared up, customers who have recently been handed a purchase receipt from Stop and Shop may want to check to see if it includes a 16 digit code (and possibly consider running to the curb and digging through the trash to find the receipt before garbage man arrives if necessary).  Once the code has been secured it can be used to participate in the store’s online feedback session found at the Talk to Stop and Shop survey page.  In addition to entering the code the date and time as shown on the receipt must be entered before getting started with the feedback.

A Look at Some of the Brands Offered by Stop and Shop

  • Simply Enjoy – Gourmet products that tend to bring out one’s true food connoisseur
  • Smart Living – A variety of products that are sure to keep the house up and running
  • Smart Label – Focused on helping health-conscious consumers make the right choice
  • Etos – Beauty products that make it easy to look good without endless hours of effort
  • Nature’s Promise – Products as nature made them (no room for man-made tinkering)

It should be pointed out that the receipt code must be entered into the Talk to Stop and Shop survey page as 3 different fields.  Any confusion about the information needed to begin can be cleared up by reviewing the sample image of a store receipt posted in the middle of the page (however, it may not help those with a receipt that’s stained beyond recognition due to sitting in the garbage for too long).  Customers who need to change the language from English to Spanish or vice versa can do so by using the tool at the top of the survey page.  Survey assistance can be attained by sending an email over to TalktoStopandShopSurveySupport@tns-online.com.  Those with general questions for the store can try reaching out to the Stop and Shop Customer Contact Center between the hours of 8 AM and 7 PM ET Monday through Friday and from 8 AM and 5 PM ET on the weekends.

Stop and Shop Customer Contact Center

  • 800-767-7772

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