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Talk to Village Burger Bar

  • Restaurant number is needed to begin
  • Progress bar available during the survey
  • Restaurant contact information available

Regardless of whether the experience was great,awful, or somewhere in between, sometimes a restaurant just needs a good talking to.  Customers who feel like they need to talk to Village Burger Bar can now do so through use of the restaurant’s online customer survey.  The feedback process can be started upon arrival at the survey by entering a restaurant number into the blank field posted in the middle of the page.  Once the number has been entered the Next button can be clicked to proceed with the informal little talk to Village Burger Bar.  Those who are stumped by the requirement of entering a restaurant number can look towards the bottom of a receipt from a recent visit where it (restaurant number) will be located.  The survey’s Privacy Policy can be reviewed by clicking the link posted at the bottom left hand corner of the page.

A Ravenous Glance at the Village Burger Bar Menu

  • Cheddar Burger – Topped with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, mustard, and CHEDDAR
  • Chicken Pesto Panini – Complimented by the flavors of provolone and basil mayonnaise
  • Fried Chicken Sandwich – Loaded up with crisp dill pickles, coleslaw, and “mop sauce”
  • Fry and Ring Trio – Shoestring french fries, sweet potato french fries, and onion rings
  • Chopped Mediterranean Salad – Features pine nuts, feta cheese, and house vinaigrette

Customers who are in a rush and wondering how much longer they have left to go in the online survey need to look no further than the bottom of the page where a progress bar can be found.  Those with questions for the restaurant can try calling one of the 4 Village Burger Bar locations:  West Village (214-443 9998), Allen (469-854 6616), Legacy (972-801 2772), North Dallas (214-484 4679).  Customers who don’t feel up to the pressure of a live phone call can opt to shoot the restaurant an email instead.

Village Burger Bar Email Address

  • feedback@villageburgerbar.com