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Target Seasonal Jobs:  How to Complete an Application

  • Applicants can search both in-store and distribution center jobs
  • Returning applicants can resume an a previously started application
  • Target corporate contact information is available

A few extra bucks this time of year can go a LONG ways.  Therefore, a seasonal job can be a great idea for those looking to pick up some extra cheddar.  For example, Target is now accepting applications for seasonal jobs located within its store and distribution centers.  Those who want to become a part of the Target team (at least for a little while anyways) can begin by clicking the Apply Now button.  Next, it will be necessary for applicants to choose which type of job they are looking for (in-store or distribution center).  Once a desired position has been spotted the applicant can begin filling out the easy online application (a similar process to applying at MMMM Careers).

Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Target Seasonal Jobs

  • Logistics – Keeping the shelves stocked at this time of year is sure to be a fast-paced calling
  • Cashier – A great smile and a friendly interaction can go a long way (for most anyways)
  • Food Service – There’s sure to very hungry shoppers (make sure they leave satisfied!)
  • Backroom – You’ll always know the answer to the age-old question “any more in the back?”
  • Sales Floor – Helping a customer find something can be rewarding for all parties involved

While the application process certainly isn’t long, it can take up to 15 minutes to complete.  In the event an applicant needs to quit mid-application they can always pick things up where they left off at a Target store or distribution center.  Please note that applicants must resume their previously started applications within 96 hours (as with moist things, time is of the essence).

Why should I apply for Target Seasonal Jobs?

  • Pay – Let’s just say Target knows how to keep up with the market in terms of compensation
  • Flexible Hours – What’s the point of seasonal work if it can be done in a flexible manner
  • Discounts – Because a 10% discount at Target never hurt anyone (also available online)

Potential applicants who want o find out what’s available in their state can click the Come Explore button to pull up an interactive map of the country.  Once the map appears, applicants can hover over each state to find out what’s available.  Those with questions for the Target corporate offices can dial 612-304-6073 for assistance.

Target Corporate Address

  • 1000 Nicollet Mall
  • Minneapolis, MN 55403


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