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Teknion Rewards

  • New users can enroll for online account access
  • Existing users can login with an email address
  • Customer service contact information is available

A rewards card can be a great way for a company to throw a little appreciation in the direction of those the card has been issued to.  However, sometimes the process of gaining access to such an account can be the exact opposite of rewarding (inadequate technical support, cluttered login pages, lack of language options, etc.)  It’s safe to say those who have been issued a Teknion Rewards Incentive MasterCard may have finally found an online account access process that is as rewarding as the card itself (that may be a bit of an overstatement but hopefully the point has been made).  Right off the bat cardholders will be filtered into those who are looking to login and those who are looking to enroll for the first time.  Those who require access to an existing account can tap the Login button and enter an email address along with an account password to complete the login process.  Likewise, the Enroll button can be clicked by cardholders who need to register for online account access.

Innovative Products Offered by Teknion

  • Modular Cabinets – Made of 3 different cabinet styles and designed for customization
  • Around – An aesthetically pleasing chair designed for maximum function and comfort
  • Zones Work Tables – Tables designed with wood as the rock star (elegant AND sturdy!)
  • Livello Counterbalance – A well-balanced height adjustable table that’s easy to modify
  • Sanna Lightbar – An experience with brightness that adjusts to the needs of the user

After clicking the Enroll button a country, dealership, and job type must be entered to begin the card enrollment process (enrollment only requires 4 steps so it should be relatively painless).  Those who prefer to access their Teknion Rewards Incentive MasterCard account using a different language can click the Select Language drop down box posted at the top right hand side of the page (English and French are available).  Questions can be directed to the card’s customer service department by phone, email, or mail correspondence.

Teknion Rewards Customer Service Contact Information

  • 19900 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 700, Irvine, CA 92612
  • cs.teknionrewards@jnrcorp.com
  • 888-867-8032