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After stepping out of the warm and cozy confines of the local movie theater, most movie-goers are more than happy to share what they thought about the film with pretty much anyone who’s willing to listen (everyone’s a critic nowadays).  However, one aspect of the experience that is often left without critique is overall level of satisfaction with the establishment that provided the film.  Fortunately, Cinemark customers can now provide feedback on a recent trip to the show (hard not to talk about how good that burger was) through the Tell Cinemark online survey.  The survey can be initiated by first entering a Theater ID, Date of Visit, Show Time, and Check Number.  Once all of the required preliminary information has been entered the Start button can be clicked to proceed towards the meat and potatoes portion of the survey (put on the ole’ thinking cap and tell Cinemark what’s up!).

Current and Upcoming Titles Playing at Cinemark

  • Avengers: Infinity Wars – The band of vigil-anti heroes is back and ready to rumble
  • Pacific Rim Uprising – The second installment of the epic machine vs monster series
  • Ready Player One – A futurist world in which virtual reality be the key to actual reality
  • Sherlock Gnomes – A charming little tale of a gumshoe gnome and his merry crew
  • Tomb Raider – Watch as the classic video game comes to life on the big screen

Those with questions about the survey can try filling out the available online contact form with a name (first and last), phone number, email address, and question(s) (form can be accessed by clicking the Survey Questions? link posted at the bottom of the Tell Cinemark online survey).  The Privacy Policy link can be clicked to learn more about how information shared during the feedback process will be used.  General inquiries for Cinemark can be addressed by calling the company’s corporate office at 800-246-3627.

Cinemark Corporate Office Address

  • 3900 Dallas Parkway, Suite 500, Plano, TX 75093-7865