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  • Provide feedback through user friendly online survey

Fathom Events wants to know what customers thought about their most recent experience and are finding out with a neat online survey.  Customers looking to provide feedback will need to type the address for the designated survey page into their computers in order to get started.

The survey starts with a fairly simple question regarding the type of event that the participant attended.  Once the answer is provided participants will need to click on the Next button to proceed to the next page of the survey.  At this point the survey becomes specific and will want to know what exact event was attended.  Once the event has been confirmed the participants will again need to click the Next button to move further along in the survey taking process.  At this point in the process participants will have to give their opinion on a variety of different aspects of the event they attended.  Participants will need to continue to use the Next button to navigate forward until the survey is completed.

Overall this survey appears to be extremely user friendly as questions can be answered with just the click of a button in most sections.  For instance, some questions will require participants to check a box in a list of potential answers in order to complete the answer to the question.  Other questions will simply require the participant to check a box on a sliding scale of potential answers. There will be times when a user will be asked to specify on an answer by typing into a blank field in order to appropriately answer the question that has been asked.  Ultimately, most users should have no problem breezing through this convenient online survey in order to provide the valuable feedback.



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